Livescribe Smartpen – Transcribing Notes Has become Easier Than Ever

Take the pressure off of group meetings and tests with an Echo Livescribe Smartpen offered by livescribe. Write and record what you hear, pay attention and declare – even though simultaneously connecting your developed notes to your audio recordings through the Livescribe pen. Record whatever you hear with the Livescribe Smartpen, then quickly replay that audio using the pc, a tablet, or your phone – with a single easy tap on your handwritten notes over the screen. The Smartpen is a ultimate word-to-word transcribing tool and you will be thankful for how quickly you’ll convert your dictations in to digital files, saving time over sound transcription products.

Livescribe’s smartpens have a single button and a highlighter thus you’ll understand exactly which section of your written paperwork need transformed into digital data. You can also utilize it as a highlighter if you want a completely different color or perhaps style than the normal writing instruments. The Livescribe Smartpen is a great, multifunctional crafting tool that produces your every meeting and project the optimum professional business presentation possible. When you really need to hear stuff over and weight loss take the eyes off the important parts, simply use the Livescribe Smartpen and transcribe with regards to clarity and accuracy.

The Livescribe Smartpen can be portion of the Livescribe family of products. The Smartpen features a highlighter, pencil holder, and a paper clip, which makes it useful for any kind of professional publishing, no matter what your requirements. By taking tips with the Livescribe digital voice recorder, you can ensure that everything you compose or record in the future, is definitely stored securely and skillfully. Even better, the Smartpen will record audio so you can reference back to it whenever you want. Don’t be left behind; try out the Livescribe Smartpen today.

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